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Miriam loves to hear from her readers and visitors to this website.

She is available to present poetry readings and creative writing workshops for both adults and adolescents and to develop programs and curricula in poetry, creative writing, and Chicano literature. She is also available to serve as a poet in the schools in the Capital District area of New York, as well as to help writers edit their manuscripts. Miriam offers the following services:

Poetry Readings 

Writers Workshops 

  • Poetry
  • Flash and Micro Fiction
  • Writing from Your Roots
  • Writing Across Cultures: Neruda odes, African drumming poetry, Native American chants, etc.


  • Crypto-Jews/Anusim of the American Southwest 
  • The Poetry Writing Process
  • Multicultural Poetics

Curriculum Development

  • Poetry
  • Creative Writing
  • Chicano Literature


  • Poetry manuscripts
  • Technical & Scientific 
  • Business 
  • Employment Applications
  • CVs & Resumes
  • Graduate school applications

For more information about these services or to send the author your comments,  please email Miriam at the following address:

M. Miriam Herrera at Ghost Ranch, Abique, New Mexico;
photo by Elisheva Herrera
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